Transition Chepstow

Comments from Tomorrow Film Screening

Transition Chepstow would like to thank all participants who came to the film show at the Drill Hall in May, including local groups and Gwent Energy CIC, who sponsored the screening.

You can read some comments from viewers below.


We consume so much because we are BORED! Learn something new today.
Organisational massive challenge!
Changing takes time and is the hardest thing for people to do. Fear of the unknown.
Time to change – 10 years +. Do we allow time?
When nation fails, cities/town has to take over.


Community food growth – schools producing own food.
Social, environmental and public costs of food.
“The bulk of the world’s food is produced by small farmers. It’s a con that industrial farming can feed the world.” Nick Green. (Film quote)
“We just start from where we are” Incredible Edible Todmorden (Film quote)
“Urban farming sounds great on a powerpoint presentation” D-Town Farm, Detroit. (Film quote)
Being able to produce your own food gives you the feeling that ‘I can survive’. Charles and Perrin Harve-Gruyer, Organic Farmers. (Film quote)
Human plunder happens through accumulation. (Film quote)
I’m a farmer, I want compost. This is not garbage. These are resources.
Intercropping/permaculture increases production 2-4 times, reduces CO2 and provides employment.


You are preaching to the converted. Show this the Welsh Assembly, particularly xxxx M4 relief road proposal!
Compulsory viewing for all politicians, please.
Multi-faceted approach; Marketing/advertising: Government Policy: Ground up: Local voice.
Community ownership and empowerment. Local voice.


Move to Finland.
Loved school playground – Norway. Great Education.
Get Welsh education minister to visit Finland education system. Children need to learn skills to make, grow, cherish.
“We use our time for teaching not for testing” Finland (Film quote)
Norway education relationship based on respect.


Train/public transport better geared to population.
“If we make more roads we will have more traffic. What we plan to build influences peoples choices and lifestyle. What are we waiting for?” Copenhagen. (Film quote)