Transition Chepstow

Full Range of Energy Topics

TCEN has an extensive list of potentially interesting energy topics

Transition Chepstow Energy Network ran a facilitated workshop in February 2012 to identify energy projects, subject to adequate local support to make things happen.  The proposed projects included:

  1. Local Tidal Energy Output – a novel way for Chepstow to harness local tidal power
  2. Heat Pump Project (repeat PV approach for heat pumps)
  3. Local, rural delivery service (e.g. electric van, bulk goods, no packaging)
  4. Energy auditing – help local people save, understand and measure their energy use including things like use Thermal Imaging camera to identify needs or use LED bulbs.
  5. The Chepstow Grid – ‘creating’ a local, micro electricity distribution grid
  6. Wood fuel training – help proposed & existing wood fuel users optimise their approach
  7. Town Centre Chepstow Energy Monitor Display – helping locals see the type and size of change that is happening
  8. Take-over Chepstow Town Lighting

Numbers 1 and 2 above are underway but resources are the biggest constraint on some excellent ideas.  Other energy initiatives being considered include:

  1. A Thermal Imaging camera is required to assess properties prior to HP deliberations
  2. Integrated Battery Storage Systems for use with PV or wind generated electricity
  3. Loft and wall insulation issues – including how to tackle sloping roof complexities
  4. If you need to replace a boiler – 1st consider the following ….
  5. Green Deal – including dangers for those who don’t fully appreciate who is ‘owning’ associated risks and impact on costs/returns.
  6. Electric cars – discussion, options, informed purchaser help, case studies
  7. Wind turbines – discussion, options, issues for folk in Chepstow area
  8. Nuclear – discussion, issues for folk in Chepstow area.  The 30 October 2012 announcement that Hitachi is planning a new phase at Oldbury is significant.
  9. Energy storage – discussion (the Achilles heal of the energy sector, particularly renewables)

If you have any ideas or wish to make comments about any of the above topics please either email Phil at or attend one of the informal monthly meetings to discuss matters.