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Chepstow Big Lunch

In the summer of 2017 Transition Chepstow organised the biggest picnic in the history of the castle to celebrate the 950th anniversary of Chepstow Castle and the 10th anniversary of Transition Chepstow, with support from many local groups. The Big Lunch is an annual event and 9.3 million people joined in across the UK in 2017. The idea is that people organise their own Big Lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.

Would you like to invite your neighbours and organise a Big Lunch for your street in 2018? There are plenty of resources to help you at The Big Lunch homepage. This year it will be on Sunday, 3rd June 2018. Let us know to spread the cheer at!

  • 94% of everyone who joins in thinks that the event will have a positive impact on their community
  • 88% of organisers feel better about their neighbourhood after hosting a Big Lunch
  • 74% of people who host a Big Lunch feel an increased sense of community

Read a report and see some photos from this event from June 2017: Biggest ever Chepstow Big Lunch in the Castle

Sunday, 18th June 2017, 12-3pm at Chepstow Castle. Bring your own picnic, come celebrate with local community groups and clubs, choirs and bands! Free children's activities, bouncy castle. Get your free pass from the 950 celebration programme or a free Cadw pass from Town Council or the Tourist Information Centre. Organised by Transition Chepstow, supported by St John Cymru Wales Ambulance Caldicot Division and Cadw.

The Big Lunch is an event organised annually across the whole of the UK where people have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun.
We are organising Chepstow’s own Big Picnic at Chepstow Castle to celebrate 950 years of our town. Transition Chepstow is also celebrating 10 years of activity!

Bring your own picnic and enjoy live music from local choirs and bands, free children’s activities and a showcase of local community groups!
Join in the fun! Prizes to be won: Best Healthy Picnic, Best Green Picnic, Best Historical Picnic.
Choirs and Bands playing at Chepstow Big Lunch: Chepstow Musical Youth Theatre, Chepstow Community Choir, Offa’s Tykes (Ukulele Band), Chepstow Male Voice Choir, Jig of Slurs (Folk Band), and Chepstow Choral Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come in for free? Yes – we will only ask you to show that you are local by bringing an invitation from the 950 celebration programme. It will be sent to thousands of households in the area! Chepstow residents can also use a Cadw pass they can receive for free from the Town Council or the Tourist Information Centre. If you are not local or a Cadw member, the usual admission fees apply that you can find on the Chepstow Castle website. All performers and participating community groups come in free!

What if it rains? We are covered! There will be a canopy in the Castle that can cover around 350 people and we will have 22 gazebos from Town Council for community group stalls and activities.

Can I bring a disposable barbecue? No barbecues or cooking allowed on site. Please bring a picnic that is ready prepared. You can also bring chairs, blankets and decoration!

10 ways to help Chepstow have the best Big Lunch

Wondering how you could contribute and be part of the team bringing Big Lunch to life?
Here are some ways you could help:

1. Invite your community group to join the celebration and show what you do
2. Invite music performers
3. Welcome and coordinate musicians on the day
4. Set up an activity (such as a treasure hunt, face-painting, storytelling)
5. Offer to greet people at the entrance for 30 minutes
6. Help set up gazebos to offer cover in case of rain
7. Safeguard health&safety during the event
8. Help pack away and clean up after the event
9. Bring a picnic and join in!
10. And finally, don’t forget to invite your friends, family and neighbours!

Any amount of help would be very welcome, don’t hesitate to contact us at Thank you!

Are you part of a community group and would you like to come to the Big Lunch to showcase what you do? You are welcome to contact us above to arrange for you to join in!

Let us know if you’d like to join in and invite your friends on Facebook!