Education in schools is never neutral and always reflects the political and cultural ideologies of the day. Yet at the same time it can be a powerful tool for change and has a vital role to play in the transition we have now entered, the shift from a high to a low-carbon society.

Teaching for a Better World is a website that explores in some detail the nature and purposes of education and its role in helping prepare young people, teachers and parents for a future that will be very different from today. It is a gateway to insights and explanations, articles, links and books that explore issues of sustainability, climate change and the transition towards a cleaner and safer post-carbon world. The materials and resources found there will be of help and interest to all those with a concern for the welfare of current and future generations.

What sort of stories do we tell the young at home, in school and the community about the transition we are now in?
What sort of new stories do we need to tell them and also learn for ourselves?

Home Farm Primary accept their Ashden Sustainable School Award, Andrew Aitchison/Ashden
Home Farm Primary accept their Ashden Sustainable School Award 2015. Andrew Aitchison, Ashden

Many thanks to the author, Dave Hicks, formerly Professor at the School of Education, Bath Spa University, for sharing these resources.

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A Future Very Different From Today

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