Keep Chepstow Tidy

A group that is working to rid Chepstow of its litter hotspots!
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Read a report about the Chepstow Litter Summit held at the Drill Hall on 17th January 2019.

Previous Litter Clearing Events

Warrenslade Litter Clear Up March 2011

Transition Chepstow Litter Action Group had another go at Warrenslade Woods in a follow up to the clean up in February.  They mopped up some areas that hadn’t been reached, cleared a fallen tree’s branches and cut back bramble from a neglected footpath.  A large pile of rubbish was cleared which was later taken away by MCCs local cleansing team.   The footpath had been somewhat intimidating because of the encroaching bramble, blockage of the tree, and the visual impact of the rubbish to the side.  It is now a much more practical and pleasant prospect opening up this corner of the woods.

Big Haul at Fisherman’s Walk – December 2010

Transition Chepstow, SARA and Keep Wales Tidy Volunteers

In a coordinated effort volunteers reeled in a huge haul cleaning up ‘Fishermans Walk’ in Chepstow in a Tidy Towns supported project. Volunteers from Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA), Transition Chepstow Litter Action  Group worked with Keep Wales Tidy to clear litter and flytipping in the wooded area between Garden City and Bulwark.

The joint effort saw fantastic local volunteers, kitted with gloves and litter pickers, clearing the more level ground with SARA brilliantly tackling hazardous steep slopes using ropes and harnesses.  SARA’s expertise was invaluable as was winching gear in bringing builders bags of heavy junk up the slope.  Monmouthshire County Council supporting the effort collected the gathered rubbish from two locations the following day.  39 sacks were filled with litter, 14 of which were removed by volunteers for recycling.  Among the bigger rubbish were lorry and car tyres and of course a shopping trolley.

Lewis Way ‘Cleanest in Thirteen Years’ – January 2011

Lewis Way 'Cleanest in Thirteen Years'

Volunteers from the litter action group cleared rubbish from a green area next to Lewis Way in Chepstow.  In an appreciative email a local resident said he hadn’t seen it so clean and litter free since they moved there thirteen years ago.  Supported by Keep Wales Tidy the 9 volunteers worked among the trees and bushes to fill 25 sacks with litter, 9 of which were of separated recyclables. A builders ton bag was filled with other items including pieces of chain link fence and flower pots suggesting that garden revamps had contributed some of the rubbish.  Thanks to Monmouthshire County Council who took away the pile.

Warrenslade Litter Clear Up – February 2011

26 people were involved including volunteers from Transition Chepstow’s Litter Action Group and nearby residents including 5 children some of whom had joined us in the area before on a previous litter pick, 5 fireman from the Chepstow Station led by Steve Cooksey, 2 PCSOs from Neighbourhood Policing, Deserie Mansfield from MCC, Gary Inight from the EA and Tom Ward-Jackson from Keep Wales Tidy.

We piled the rubbish at two collection points ready for Charter Housing’s contract maintenance team to take away, with support from MCCs Tidy Towns fund.  There were 36 bin bags of rubbish including 10 of recyclable cans and bottles, 3 builders ton bags full and approximately a ton of loose stuff including rubbish ranging from sofa chairs to bits of hoover and board.