Transition Chepstow

Your Ideas

Transition Chepstow is a community initiative and as such hopes that the whole community will participate in generating ideas and projects for a low-carbon and resilient Chepstow.

The aim of this page to make available ideas that the community has already put forward.  Maybe you or someone you know could help bring these ideas to life?

A key element of a Transition initiative is also the creation of a longer term plan which helps the community move away from fossil fuel dependency.  The ideas that you put forward will also help us put Chepstow’s plan together.

To offer help with these ideas or to suggest your own ideas, contact us via

Help with insulating & draughtproofing (1)
Provide more info on reducing house oil usage (1)
All houses to have solar panels on – Solar Town Chepstow! (1)

More growing spaces (1)

Running route by the river (1) 

Encouragement starting in schools to stop children & adults dropping litter (1)

Reuse & Recycling
Recycling bins in Chepstow Town Centre (1)  
Update: The Reuse & Recycling Group have investigated this suggestion and found these bins tend to be treated as general rubbish bins unless they are being supervised.  As we do not have the resources to  supervise town centre bins, the group does not feel it is worth pursuing the suggestion at this time.  However, group members do work with a local events recycling firm to provide such recycling bins at local festivals where the monitoring produces a good quality and quantity of recycling.

Alternative route for traffic through Chepstow Town Centre (1)
Sharing journeys into Bristol Bath etc (1)
More pedestrian crossings over A48 to avoid car journeys from main town to other side (1) 

More ‘untidy’ gardens to help wildlife (1) 

Help me to have fun being green (1)
Collect driftwood which is collected in reed beds beyond military barracks opposite Chepstow town (1)
To look after the countryside (1)
Have local council lease empty town centre property to green-oriented projects (1)
I wish that we could all realise that we are all part on whole, all inter-relates  ‘one in one’ (1)

(1) Apple Day 2011 – Ideas collected from the ‘Wish Tree’