Transition Chepstow

Chepstow Freecycle

Have something useable you want to get rid of? Furniture, childrens items, excess building materials (wood/bricks etc), or half a tin of paint?

You need Freecycle, an online ‘give it away, take it away’ which is always running. Get rid of your excess stuff or find things you need, all completely free of charge.

Freecycle is divided into local groups, allowing things to be redistrubuted among the local community. Chepstow is served by 3 groups from the local area:

Forest Of Dean

So sign up on the website and post stuff.

House clearance

Freecycle and Freegle are a fantastic way to clear a house of useable furniture in no time at all. Just make a post with the title ‘house clearance’ on any of the above lists and you’ll be inundated with interest.
Save your stuff from this fate.