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Gaia and geological time scale

Perceptions and conceptions of life   



Human values

Environmental values

Building a resilient future

The United Nations Earth Charter


Happiness: Human right, responsibility and response

Holistic perspectives: unity and diversity

Global citizenship: small steps to the Big Society

How belief is shaping the modern world

Human consciousness in the computer age

Promoting health: failure and success

Funtime: humour is no mere laughing matter

Exploring links between local food and good health   


Wildlife and wellbeing

Humans and nature: harmony or conflict

Hypnosis and human consciousness

Peak water, drought and human health

Perspectives on awareness and self-consciousness

Facilitating family mediation


Transhumanism: can evolution be improved?

Deep ecology: a radical environmental perspective

Health and biodiversity: a vital inter-relationship

Christian environmental stewardship


Fracking:  economic value and environmental costs

Homeopathy and health

Local food challenge

Ageing, longevity, demography: Health perspectives and policies


Democracy in Crisis: Principles of Good Governance

Child and youth mental health: Cause for concern

Why do we argue about climate change?


The Three Strange Angels: Ritual, Myth & Poetry

Cultural Narratives and Personal Truths

Vegetarian Diet:  Issues of Human Health, Animal Welfare and Sustainable Food Supply


Localism and Globalization: Co-operation or Competition

Education for Patients Programme – Cymru

Monmouthshire Well-being Plan

Chepstow Festival Events 2010 – 2016

Chairman:  Dr Peter Evans, Transition Chepstow


Looking Up in the Downturn:

Sustaining Health and Happiness in Challenging Times

Ageing Well: Dr John Gallacher, Cardiff University

 Bibliotherapy: Can Books Provide Psychological Benefit? Prof Neil Frude, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board


Climate change: sustaining environmental resilience

Prof Susan Baker, School of Social Science, Cardiff University

Will McLean, Monmouthshire County Council

Janet Rawlings, Transition Chepstow


The legacy of Aneurin Bevan:

Challenges facing NHS Wales

Prof Sir Mansel Aylward, Public Health Wales


Reporting a World in Crisis: 

On the Problems and Possibilities of Today’s Journalism

Prof Simon Cottle, Cardiff University

School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies

Public and Private Health Matters

The Legacy of Aneurin Bevan

Friday June 20, 2014, 7:30pm, Methodist Church Hall, Chepstow

Special guest talk and open public forum

Speaker: Professor Sir Mansel Aylward MD DSc
Chairman: Peter Evans

Aneurin Bevan, born 1897 in Tredegar, died 1960. The son of a miner, his early life provided him with an intimate experience of poverty and occupational disease.  After the Labour election victory in 1945, Bevan was appointed Minister of Health and in 1948 introduced the National Health Service with free diagnosis and treatment for all.

Professor Sir Mansel Aylward is Chairman of Public Health Wales, Director of the Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research at Cardiff University and Chairman of the Bevan Commission into NHS reforms.  He is uniquely placed to offer valuable insights into the challenges which face the NHS, and the issues of promoting public health now and in the future in times of burgeoning medical, political and climate change.