Chepstow Transport Vision

The Transport Group are currently developing a new Vision together with an associated plan of action.
Check back here regularly for the latest update.

A Vision for the Future

To have a carbon neutral and timely transport system that meets the needs of Chepstow residents, visitors and those passing through Chepstow.

The Picture of the Future Travel in Chepstow

  • Active Travel – where ever possible using active travel to get to destinations
    • All schools the vast majority of students have walking/cycling to school
    • Within Chepstow having a Walkable Neighbourhoods programme where the majority of walkable journeys are walked
    • Increase bike usage in the town with the use of electric bikes, safer roads and bike routes.
    • Construction of walking and cycle routes
    • Chepstow be a destination for the active travel vacation
  • Public Transport
    • A regular train service which is timely and comfortable
    • An integrated bus service serving Chepstow and the feeder towns
      • Buses would be Hydrogen or electrically powered
      • Park and ride
    • A call on demand taxi service where numbers do not make buses viable
    • Subsidies would make the use of public transport much more financially viable than using private transport.
  • Car and lorries – last resort for transport and reduced by 50%
    • Wherever possible car share and use park and ride
    • All vehicles be electric or hydrogen
    • Town centre be Vehicle free
    • Tax on vehicles making it prohibitively expensive, reducing road maintenance and subsidising public transport.
  • Change in work and travel patterns
    • More work from home and increase of local small businesses reducing the amount of commuting
    • More flexible work hours to ease congestion and demand at peak times
    • Shopping locally and online reducing journeys outside Chepstow
    • Whenever travelling use the transport pyramid using the highest method up the pyramid as possible for all journeys.