Health & Consciousness

The Group exists as an open forum at which interested members of the public together with active members of Transition Chepstow meet to explore, discuss and act on issues of fundamental significance to holistic human health, developing personal consciousness, vital environmental awareness and urgent global importance.

Our role as individual, communal and political co-creators in promoting human well-being and sustaining an ecological balance with nature in an era of the rapid planetary climate change emergency, global pollution, declining biodiversity, and resource depletion, is of paramount importance in the forthcoming decades.

In today’s increasingly individualized society where the traditional forms of public meetings struggle to compete with the alternative digital forms of texting, Twitter and Facebook social media, opportunities for direct personal interaction are fast becoming increasingly limited, problematic and marginalized.

Likewise, the availability of suitable venues for communal social interaction are also diminishing in type and number.   While the scale, speed, variety, convenience and power which is provided by IT social media is without doubt extraordinary in its potential and real influence worldwide, the human need, sociological benefit and political impetus of direct personal communal interactions on complex matters of interest and issues of local and global significance, is also paramount.

With this in mind, the TC HCG initiated the ongoing Pub Hub Forum programme of discussions on various topics of environmental and health importance.

Initially, small group informed discussion meetings in a respectful convivial social ambience, sometimes with invited guest speakers, were held at the Coach & Horses Inn, Chepstow – a Think with a drink.    Subsequently, TC HCG meetings have been held at the Florence Room, Beaufort Hotel, and as part of the Chepstow Festival events, special guest lecture public forum meetings have also been held at the Methodist Church Hall. See the full list of discussions and events here.

At the present time of the Covid-19 pandemic the planned TC HCG public meetings are unfortunately suspended.