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Peter Evans opens the 2010 Chepstow Festival event, ‘Looking Up In the Downturn’.

The Health & Consciousness Group exists as a forum at which interested members of the public together with active members of Transition Chepstow meet to explore and discuss issues of fundamental significance to holistic human health, environmental awareness and personal consciousness.

Our role as individual, communal and political co-creators in promoting human well-being and sustaining an ecological balance with nature in an era of rapid planetary climate change and resource depletion, is of paramount importance in the forthcoming decades.

The Health & Consciousness Group meetings are usually held monthly on Thursdays, 7.30 – 9pm, at the Coach and Horses Inn, Welsh Street, Chepstow.

Upcoming event:

Public meeting – Congestion Free Chepstow Implementation Update

Thursday, 16th January 2020, 7.30pm

The Arts Hall, Chepstow School

Join us at a meeting with local politicians and other decision makers to find out about developments concerning traffic in Chepstow and how plans are being implemented. Come hear about the progress made since the last meeting in April, keep your politicians to their promises and have your say.
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‘Healthy Ageing Conference’ Cardiff  October 2014.

A landmark medical conference Healthy Ageing on the special occasion of the 35th anniversary of the start of the epidemiological population cohort Caerphilly Prospective Study was held on 30th October at the All Nations Centre, Cardiff, to present the signal research findings by Prof Peter Elwood and his MRC research team.  The scientific findings provided clear, reliable and quantitative evidence confirming the real benefits which a healthy lifestyle e.g. non-smoking, physical activity, healthy diet, low alcohol consumption and an optimum BMI range 18 – 25, has on significantly reducing the risks of the major disabling diseases, namely: diabetes, heart disease and stroke, cancer and dementia. As outlined by the Welsh Assembly Government Health and Social Services Minister Prof Mark Drakeford in his lecture Health – our responsibility, such definitive results form the basis for future prudent health policy and promotion to prevent disease and sustain the NHS in times of increasing demand and decreasing finances. In addition to the plenary speakers, poster displays from various community health studies provided complementary supportive information.

The Transition Chepstow Health & Consciousness Group coordinator – Peter Evans, presented a poster display   detailing the group’s activities during the previous 5 years – Pub Forum:A novel and convivial hub for community discourse on issues of environmental and health significance – Think with a drink at the pub hub

A contributory comment by Peter Evans concerning the democratic principles and public health policies of the Wales NHS at the annual health forum of The Institute of Welsh Affairs (, features in the current winter edition of The Welsh Agenda (No.53, P.28).

The customary TCHCG open forum discussion was held at the Coach & Horses inn, 16 October,

on the topic of Ageing, longevity & demography: Health perspectives and policies.

An issue of burgeoning importance, current political controversy and timely relevance – being the topic of the Reith Lectures on BBC Radio 4.

The special Chepstow Festival 2012 meeting of the Health & Consciousness Group was held on –

Tuesday 10th July 2012, 7.30pm

Chepstow Methodist Church Hall

Transition Chepstow Festival Talks & Public Forum

Climate Change: Sustaining Environmental and Social Resilience

Susan Baker:           Professor Cardiff University School of Social Sciences

Janet Rawlings:      Chairwoman Transition Chepstow Steering Group

Will McLean:            Strategic Partnership and Engagement Lead     

                                        Monmouthshire County Council

Peter Evans:             Panel Chairman


Peter Evans –

The second of the customary Transition Chepstow Festival events initiated by Transition Chepstow Health and Consciousness Group was chaired by the coordinator Dr Peter Evans.

The tripartite guest speakers represented interested stakeholder groups drawn from the local Chepstow community, academia and local government.

How individuals, communities and governments are currently responding, and also how everyone will need to cooperatively, rapidly and positively adapt to the environmental and social challenges that lie ahead of us all, is problematic and crucial.   Central to this strategy is the requirement to build resilience into all aspects of the political response to adverse environmental pressures so as to ensure that  a sustainable and civilised human and biosociety continues to flourish in the future.

The participation of the audience in the subsequent public forum session with questions and comments to the guest speakers, indicated the important and partisan nature of such public debate in illuminating, and hopefully resolving, the many vital issues associated with climate change.

Thanks were expressed to the financial sponsors Cohesive Communications Ltd. and to the Methodist Church for hosting the event.

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New participants and old faces, all are welcome to attend the FREE public events.

Transition Chepstow Health and Consciousness Group :  Society Report
The topic at the recent meeting of the Transition Chepstow Health & Consciousness Group was:-
Happiness: Human Right, Responsibility and Response.  The wide-ranging stimulating discussion covered the nature, value and attainment of personal happiness and contentment in a world of evident increasing economic pressures, military conflicts and major natural disasters.   Likewise, the psychological, political and philosophical aspects of happiness and its meaning, were also addressed.

Associated with the apparent incessant proliferation of adverse news, thus rendering individuals vulnerable to negative feelings and loss of hope, the prevalence and incidence of personal anxiety and depression is increasing worldwide.  Emerging evidence indicates peoples state of health is frequently directly associated with their positive feelings of happiness.

The singular obsession with economic measures, namely Gross Domestic Project (GDP), as the sole and sufficient indicator of a nation’s status, is being challenged by the proposed introduction by the government of an additional and alternative index of the population’s health and social wealth.   Commencing in April 2011, the Office of National Statistics will be undertaking the National Wellbeing Project and surveying people’s health, happiness and quality of life indicators relating to education, supportive relationships, and cultural activities.
The initiative has been welcomed by the New Economics Foundation as a positive step towards fully assessing the successful outcome of government policy and their particular impact on broader and vital personal, social and environmental matters.

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