Steering Group

The steering group has the duty to control the affairs of Transition Chepstow as an organisation and to keep accurate accounts of the finances of the organisation.

Steering group meetings offer an opportunity to discuss what each group is doing and to share ideas. Also the steering group works on looking at what new projects to develop and to create working groups as needed.

The steering group have adopted a set of Values that they are committed to that can be accessed here:

Transition Chepstow Steering Group Values


Who is on the Steering Group?

The steering group is made up of the coordinators of working groups within Transition Chepstow, executive officers (Coordinator, Treasurer, Communications Officer and Secretary) and any co-opted members. Its members and executive officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting and co-opted members can be appointed at a steering group meeting.

Who can attend a Steering Group Meeting?

Steering Group meetings can be attended by any member of Transition Chepstow as well as by other guests who have been invited by an executive officer.


If you have any questions or would like to attend a meeting, please contact us at