Transition Chepstow aims to help create a more resilient, low-carbon, socially just and healthier future for our community in response to a changing climate, resource depletion, rising energy costs and growing inequality.

To see what we are doing, please check out the projects page, or events.

Transition Network

Transition Chepstow is part of the global Transition Network that supports community-led responses to climate change and shrinking supplies of cheap energy, building resilience and happiness. The initiative is part of a rapidly growing network of communities across the world.

We believe there is strength in community and we help to facilitate participation through a proactive, get on and do attitude. If we want something to happen we help to make it happen through working with local individuals, groups and authorities.

Much of what we have done is visible around the town including the Town Centre Planters and the Town Orchards. We have also created a map of traffic free paths, showing shortcuts and cycle safe routes. Transition Chepstow helps to organise the town’s annual Apple Day – a celebration bringing together local apple growers, food producers, craftspeople and cider makers and providing the opportunity for members of the public to bring their own apples for pressing. Visit our events page to see what’s happening shortly.

We strive to be inclusive, imaginative, practical and fun. Want to get involved? We welcome everyone to take part. You don’t have to be an expert! Contact us via this website or join our Facebook or Twitter page.

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