Congestion Free Chepstow

In a collaboration between with the Transition Chepstow Transport and Energy Groups and the Health & Consciousness Group the Transition Chepstow Transport Forum Planning Group has been created, augmented with additional interested transport specialists, to organise the Chepstow campaign to reduce local traffic congestion in the short term.   A particular issue is the traffic logjam which occurs at the High Beech Roundabout (HBR) bottleneck access roads and the associated air pollution and allied health problems, especially at Hardwick hill.

In addition to the necessity for better road infrastructure, the urgent need for improvements in public transport rail and bus facilities and services, is also vital; together with provision for facilities to encourage active cycling and walking – with extra exercise health benefits and reduction of excessive private car use.

Congestion Free Chepstow – Public Meetings

To this aim, two public meetings have been organised at the Arts Hall, Chepstow School: 11th April 2019 & 16th January 2020 – both packed with interested and frustrated road users, at which a number of various carefully considered positive short term proposals were presented by Transition Chepstow members to the specially invited attendant political representatives and responsible highway transport officials.   The degree of enthusiastic and level of vociferous public support for the proposals was encouraging, and we all await the fulfilment of the official promises made to carefully consider the implementation of the necessary urgent road infrastructure road improvements to alleviate the horrendous and worsening traffic congestion.
Highways progress presentation from the most recent meeting

Progress in this regard continues to be monitored and pressed for, see website and press release for updates.

Local newspaper report:

Government ‘unconvinced’ on roadworks FREE PRESS 15 July 2020.

Read latest Transition Chepstow July 2020 Newsletter for rebuttal response.

Of especial interest and concern to the Health & Consciousness Group, is the air pollution hazards to human health and the global climate change emergency; a crucial topic and urgent issue also to be debated and confronted with appropriate remedial action.

Regrettably however, at the present time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the planned TC public meetings are currently suspended.