Transition Chepstow

Transition Chepstow Library

The following are available to borrow from Transition Chepstow:

  • The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins
  • The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (DVD)
  • Transition in Action
  • Garden Birds & Wildlife
  • 21 Hours (nef)
  • 2010 Transition Network Conference Guide
  • Food Futures Now, Mae-wan Ho (Institute of science in Society/Third World Network)
  • Wye Valley AONB Management Plan
  • Frozen Planet (BBC Books)
  • Wildlife Gardening, Fran Hill Wildlife Trusts
  • Garden Detectives Handbook
  • British Wildlife Detectives Handbook
  • 152 Wild Things To Do, Wildlife Trusts
  • Bugs and Insects, Usborne Spotters Guide
  • Butterflies and Moths, Wildlife Trusts
  • The Great Transition (nef)
  • Carbon Detox, George Marshall
  • How many light bulbs does it take to change a planet, Tony Juniper
  • Do good lives have to cost the earth, Andrew Sims and Joe Smith
  • Climate Change begins at home, Dave Reay
  • Climate Change, DiMento and Doughman
  • Hot House, Robert Strom
  • Improving your home ‘A Climate Change Guide’, Welsh Assembly Government
  • Planet in Peril, RF Dasmann (1972)
  • The Levellers (The Putney Debates), Geoffrey Robertson
  • The World Turned Upside Down, Christopher Hill
  • The Closing Circle (Confronting the Environmental Crisis) 1972, Barry Commoner
  • Organic Gardening ‘The Natural No Dig Way’, Chris Dowding
  • A Taste of the Unexpected, Mark Diacono
  • Green Living for Dummies
  • Basics of Permaculture Design, Ross Mars
  • Silent Spring, Rachel Carson (reprint of 1963 edition)
  • The Digger Movement ‘Radical Communalism in the English Civil War’, Lewis H Berens

To request these, contact


Furthermore, Chepstow Library holds copies of the following and more:

  • The Transition Companion, Rob Hopkins, Library reference 333.7913
  • The Transition Handbook, Rob Hopkins, Library reference 333.791
  • The power of just doing stuff : how local action can change the world, Rob Hopkins, Library reference 361.2
  • Low carbon nation : urban and regional transition to green capitalism, Mike Hodson, Library reference 307.1216
  • Junk for joy! : over 50 projects to inspire you to re-use and recycle, Sian Berry, Library reference 745.584

There are several other books on waste & recycling, simply search for ‘recycle’ or ask at the Library.

To retrieve these, simply request them at Chepstow Library or search and reserve them with your library card on their website.