New bus service from Chepstow to Bristol

Transition Chepstow is working with a number of partners to reduce the horrendous traffic problems in Chepstow. One of the solutions is improving public transport.

A new commuter bus service from Chepstow to Bristol is proposed if it can be shown there is demand for the service. If you might use it please complete the survey at It will not be able to launch without your support!

The times the service will run varies depending on demand: for commuters going to work, and at other times if we can show a need. Transition Chepstow has contacted Zeelo who will start services in early 2020 if the demand is high enough to Bristol, possibly including Filton, Cribbs Causeway and Abbey Wood. The service guarantees you a seat in a coach style service picking you up at a convenient point near your home and going non-stop to Bristol. By completing in the survey you are not committing to use the service.

Commuters will arrive on time and relaxed for work and the more people that take up the potential service the greater the relief on congestion and air pollution in Chepstow. This is one of the many initiatives Transition Chepstow is taking to relieve traffic congestion. For every 100 commuters transferring from cars this will save 403kg of CO2 a day and 91 tons a tear. “Hopefully this will lead to a renascence in the use of public transport, but to make it work we need as many people as possible considering using the service to fill the survey’ said Tim Melville, Coordinator, Transition Chepstow.

For further information contact