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Please find below the latest on the Monmouthshire Local Development Plan (LDP).

In the schedule of focused changes there are some changes to the wording of  the policy relating to the development at the Fairfield Mabey site that can be found at the following page:-

Please forward any comments to me so that I can forward them to the Council.


About current consultations

At its meeting on 22nd November 2012 the Council resolved to submit the Monmouthshire Local Development Plan (LDP) to the Welsh Government. At the same meeting the Council agreed to issue a Schedule of Focused Changes to the LDP for consultation.

The Schedule sets out the Focused Changes that the Council considers appropriate to make to the LDP following consideration of the representations received in response to the Deposit LDP and Alternative Sites consultations. These are changes to the Plan which in the Council’s view do not go to the heart of the Plan. They are changes that have been made as a result of the outcome of public consultation, in light of new evidence or changing circumstances. The Council considers that the changes proposed will improve the soundness of the Plan.

The Council is undertaking a seven week consultation on the Focused Changes and would welcome your views on the Focused Changes proposed. A copy of the Formal Notice is available. Representations should be made on the appropriate representation form which is available from:

  •      The Planning Policy webpages of the Council’s website.
  •      One Stop Shops at Abergavenny, Caldicot, Chepstow and Monmouth*.
  •      All Council libraries*.
  •      Monmouthshire County Council Planning Reception, New Market Hall, Market      Buildings, Monmouth, NP25 3XA*.
    (* during standard office hours)

A copy of the form can be downloaded. Forms should either be:

The consultation period runs from Friday 14th December 2012 to Friday 1st February 2013. All responses must be received by 4:30pm on Friday 1st February 2013. Responses cannot be accepted after this date. Please note that comments received will be available for public inspection and cannot be treated as confidential.

The Focused Changes consultation is not an opportunity for representors to add to their original representations or to make new representations on the Deposit LDP or Alternative Sites. Representations should only relate to the Focused Changes highlighted in the Schedule.

The Council will collate all the representations to the Focused Changes consultation and submit them to the Planning Inspectorate for examination with the Plan. The Council is not required to respond to the representations.


Transition Chepstow’s original response can be found here.