Transition Chepstow


Locals from Chepstow and the area can benefit from the resources and offers listed below.

Transition Chepstow Library click the link to see a full list of books and materials available!


Litter, Re-use and Recycling

  • 12 small traffic cones
  • 5 large clear plastic tarpaulins
  • 10 hi-visibility vests in various sizes with “Transition Chepstow” on the back and TC logo on the front
  • 14 litter pickers
  • 2 large wooden A-frame notice boards
  • first aid kit
  • 15+ pairs of work gloves

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Membership Survey

In early 2012, we conducted a membership survey.  The full findings are here.

The general findings included:

  • 70% of respondents want to make a difference in our community.
  • Two thirds of respondents valued meeting like-minded people via Transition Chepstow.
  • Respondents were typically very concerned about Climate Change, Peak Oil/Energy Prices and the Economic Crisis.
  • A significant number of respondents were interested in increasing their food growing and ‘eco-DIY’ skills.
  • All our regular activities (e.g. Apple Day, Give It Away – Take It Away) showed a good or very good level of support from respondents.
  • Weekday evenings and Weekend afternoons seem the best for members who want to be involved.
  • Almost all respondents use the email newsletter and event reminder emails for staying in touch.
  • 85% of respondents use the website to stay in touch.