Group visit to Solcer House

Solcer House visit 16/9/15
Solcer House visit 16/9/15
Solcer House visit 16/9/15
Solcer House visit 16/9/15

Members of Transition Chepstow and Transition Monmouth visited SOLCER House on 16th September 2015 and could not fail to be impressed that by using current local technology a carbon positive house has been built for £1,200/sqm. Details can be seen at It is very different to see, feel, touch, smell and experience such a project rather than just theorise about it.

There are many additional savings that could be made to reduce this cost to well within social housing cost envelope, it is already within the private housing price envelope. The finish is to a high standard and this type of building would be very pleasant to live in. Whilst the architect Dr Jo Paterson would admit it is not the blueprint as house orientation, size and type will differ, it will be necessary to change the design. However this project has proved we can build attractive zero carbon houses within current price envelopes. So the obvious question is why isn’t this being done on new builds?

Watch this video about the project:

Photos by Cyrene Powell.

Kingcoed Meadows Appeal – MMG

Monmouthshire Meadows Group is seeking donations and grants to buy two beautiful meadows being sold from Kingcoed Farm in order to preserve the biodiversity in the area.

“We want to safeguard this important site from agricultural ‘improvement’, to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of the area. We plan to use the site for events and educational activities, to demonstrate what can be achieved with the right management regime.


Monmouthshire Meadows Group aims to buy the two meadows, for the sake of their flowers, bees, butterflies and other wildlife. We need around £96,000 to secure the 11.8 acres. We have already received pledges towards this target. We are seeking donations and grants to raise the remaining amount.”

Download the leaflet to find out more and to donate

Kingcoed Meadows Appeal Leaflet