Public meeting – Congestion Free Chepstow Implementation Update

Join us at a meeting with local politicians and other decision makers to find out about developments concerning traffic in Chepstow and how plans are being implemented. Come hear about the progress made since the last meeting in April, keep your politicians to their promises and have your say at The Arts Hall, Chepstow School on Thursday, 16th January 2020 at 7.30pm.

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New bus service from Chepstow to Bristol

Transition Chepstow is working with a number of partners to reduce the horrendous traffic problems in Chepstow. One of the solutions is improving public transport.

A new commuter bus service from Chepstow to Bristol is proposed if it can be shown there is demand for the service. If you might use it please complete the survey at It will not be able to launch without your support!

The times the service will run varies depending on demand: for commuters going to work, and at other times if we can show a need. Transition Chepstow has contacted Zeelo who will start services in early 2020 if the demand is high enough to Bristol, possibly including Filton, Cribbs Causeway and Abbey Wood. The service guarantees you a seat in a coach style service picking you up at a convenient point near your home and going non-stop to Bristol. By completing in the survey you are not committing to use the service.

Commuters will arrive on time and relaxed for work and the more people that take up the potential service the greater the relief on congestion and air pollution in Chepstow. This is one of the many initiatives Transition Chepstow is taking to relieve traffic congestion. For every 100 commuters transferring from cars this will save 403kg of CO2 a day and 91 tons a tear. “Hopefully this will lead to a renascence in the use of public transport, but to make it work we need as many people as possible considering using the service to fill the survey’ said Tim Melville, Coordinator, Transition Chepstow.

For further information contact

Plastic Free Chepstow Summer Challenge

We’ve all heard that litter, especially plastic litter, is hurting our environment in terrible ways. From the bottom of the deepest ocean to the top of the tallest mountain, pieces of rubbish have been found. Yet people sometimes still need a reminder not to drop trash – and we at Plastic Free Chepstow (a Transition Chepstow group) need your help to do this.

If you’re aged between 11 and 18, we want you to find a new way to spread the ‘Don’t litter’ message. You can do this any way you choose. You could create a poster, a video, a song, sculpture or poem, or any other idea to use in a social media campaign. It could be funny, sad, scary, or a mixture of all three – the choice is yours. All we ask is that it gets the message across effectively, especially to people in your age group.

The winning entries will be judged by a panel, including input from young people. The judges will be looking for something that grabs people’s attention, has a clear message, and encourages people to act responsibly.

We are offering 4 prizes of £50 each for individual entries and 2 prizes of £100 each for team entries. The creator of the strongest message will get a chance to work with graphics and video professionals to create a real-life campaign.

Strong campaigns are based on good research. We know that people drop litter for many reasons and different problems need different messages. We also know that positive messages (like ‘take it home’ or ‘bin it’) often work best. We hope you will look around you, talk to your friends and family and maybe take a bag and pick up the litter you find. You can also visit the websites of organisations such as Keep Wales Tidy and Keep Britain Tidy, the Marine Conservation Society and Surfers against Sewage.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Read the small print (Terms and Conditions) then get creating! Any questions? Email

Download the individual entry form and the team entry form!

Terms and Conditions

Plastic Free Chepstow Summer Challenge Overview

Please note the closing date for entries has been extended to the end of MONDAY 9th SEPTEMBER 2019.

This competition is supported by Monmouthshire County Council, Chepstow Town Council and Keep Wales Tidy.

New Ideas to Alleviate Chepstow’s Congestion and Air Pollution

Thursday 11th April 2019 saw a fantastic turnout to a Congestion Free Chepstow public meeting. The meeting explored options for swiftly reducing congestion and air pollution in Chepstow, which has one of the highest rates of air pollution in the UK. 100% of politicians invited attended and over 270 members of the public including Chepstow town councillors, and councillors from surrounding areas including England. It quickly became apparent many solutions need cross border collaboration.

There were several in depth presentations including proposals for changing the layout at High Beech roundabout, lift sharing and encouraging more children to walk to school. Members of the public also put forward suggestions including improving public transport, increased active travel and a Hays Gate junction to divert traffic from Rogiet and Caldicot off the High Beech roundabout.

View some of the presentations from the meeting here:

At the end of the meeting chaired by Tim Melville (Transition Chepstow Coordinator) attendees voted by a show of hands for the top 5 swift resolutions as follows:

90% Improving public transport
85% Improving traffic flow at High Beach roundabout using white lines
70% Major redevelopment of High Beach roundabout
50% Hayes Gate Junction diverting traffic from Caldicot and Rogiet before High Beach
50% Increase of active travel – cycling and walking

Transition Chepstow in partnership with elected representatives will pursue swift solutions to congestion and air pollution to make sure they are implemented.

There was also very strong support for a bypass, but this was outside the remit of the meeting, which was focusing on swift solutions.

Ken Skates provided a statement read out at the meeting:

‘As Minister for the Economy and Transport I’m always keen to work with communities in order to identify ways of reducing pollution and congestion. Unfortunately I’m unable to attend this evening’s meeting, but applaud the initiative taken by Transition Chepstow to bring people together to discuss possible solutions to these problems. My officials will brief me fully after the event and I will give careful consideration to any solutions that can be taken forward.’

Invited Political representatives:
· David Davies MP
· Nick Ramsey AM
· Cllr Peter Fox (leader Monmouthshire County Council (MCC))
· Cllr David Dovey (Chair Monmouthshire Strategic Transport Group MCC)
· Cllr Dimitri Batrouni MCC – (leader opposition MCC)
· Representatives from Ken Skates AM, Minister for Economy and Transport

Anyone wanting to get involved in shaping the proposals should contact Tim at
People with a good knowledge of public transport infrastructure developments would be particularly welcome.